***Very Important Information***

Webinars that are scheduled must first be reviewed by the ABCP and awarded Category 1 CEU. The ABCP requires that no reference to CEU be made, including statements that CEU have been applied for until such time as the ABCP notifies us that the program has been approved. We want to follow the rules and request that you check back often and look for the statement “approved for X Category 1 CEU by the ABCP” next to the programs you are interested in. Thank you for your understanding.

Special Series Schedule 2020

PerfWeb Special Series | TBD, 2020

This Perfusion Education Program is approved for X Category I CEU by the ABCP.

     Thursday, TBD, 2020

TimeTopic—Session 1—x CEUFaculty
TimeTopic—Session 2—x CEUFaculty


*All times are Central Standard Time.