CEU Categories

One (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) or contact hour activity is defined as fifty (50) minutes spent in an organized, structured or unstructured learning experience. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are categorized according to type of educational activity.

Category I

Category I meetings are those programs and seminars in which a minimum of 75% of the contact hours consists of perfusion or relevant cardiac surgery-related material. Only those events approved by the ABCP will qualify for Category I CEUs. A minimum of fifteen (15) CEUs must be earned in Category I for each reporting cycle.

Category II

Category II activities include international, national, regional, state and local meetings that have not been approved for CEU credit by the ABCP.

Category III

Category III credit is acquired on an hour-for-hour basis of the time spent in these non-accredited or non-supervised activities.

Know the ABCP rules for CEU

To maintain your ABCP certification, you are required to submit a professional activity report every 3 years. You are also assigned a cycle based on your certification date, Cycle I, 2 or 3. You are required to earn 45 CEU within your 3 year cycle. 15 of the required 45 must be Category 1. Category 1 CEU can be either a live event (Conference or Webinar) or it can be SDCE CEU with a maximum allowable of 10 per 3 year cycle. The remaining 30 CEU can be Category 2 or 3. It is important to note that, based on the rules, you must earn a minimum of 5 CEU through a live event.

If you received 20 CEU from a live event, 10 SDCE CEU, 15 Category 3 CEU videos you would fulfill all of your CEU requirements. Moreover, you can do all of this with PerfWeb and PerfusionEducation.com affordable and from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

You can earn unlimited Category 1 CEU by attending any live event. A conference or a webinar. So long as it is live. If you watch videos that are not live, and approved by the ABCP, these are also Category 1, however, you are limited to 10 SDCE CEU in any 3 year cycle. Category 2 CEU are conferences not approved by the ABCP. Category 3 Can be earned by any self-directed learning such as SDCE videos. In a 3 year cycle, you can earn a maximum of 15 CEU in Category 3.

Within PerfWeb.US and PerfusionEducation.com you can earn all of your Category 1 through live webinars, the maximum allowable SDCE CEU (Category 1) and your maximum allowable Category 3 CEU. Our goal is to make it simple, enjoyable and affordable for you to earn all of your required learning and CEU award with us.


Each perfusionist is responsible for retaining supporting documentation of his/her professional (CEU) activities for auditing purposes; acceptable documentation is included in the tables on this page.