***Very Important Information***

Webinars that are scheduled must first be reviewed by the ABCP and awarded Category 1 CEU. The ABCP requires that no reference to CEU be made, including statements that CEU have been applied for until such time as the ABCP notifies us that the program has been approved. We want to follow the rules and request that you check back often and look for the statement “approved for X Category 1 CEU by the ABCP” next to the programs you are interested in. Thank you for your understanding.

PerfWeb Schedule 2019

PerfWeb 31 | Tuesday  |  December 10, 2019

This Perfusion Education Program is approved for a possible 9.3 Category I CEU by the ABCP for all four days.

     Tuesday, December 10, 2019—3.0 Category 1 CEU

Time Topic Faculty
1345-1400 Open
1400-1500 Unwanted intravascular material disease states. Case studies with AngioVac Mark Tatum, RN
1500-1515 Break
1515-1600 Building an AngioVac Program David Zlotnick, MD
1600-1630 Discussion Panel
1630-1640 Break
1640-1700 Use of AngioVac with Oxygenation and MCS (Demonstration) J. Basha, CCP
1700-1715 Discussion Panel
1715 Close


    Wednesday, December 11, 2019—2.7 Category 1 CEU

1245-1300 Open
1300-1330 There are two distinct circulatory systems and how they can be asynchronous Keshan Matura, MD, PhD
1330-1400 What happens to the microcirculation when you go on CPB Joseph Basha, CCP, Keshan, Mathura, MD, PhD
1400-1415 Break
1415-1445 Evaluating the microcirculation on CPB with and without pulsatile flow Joseph Basha, CCP, Keshan Mathura, MD, PhD
1445-1515 Watching the microcirculation as you wean from CPB Joseph Basha, CCP, Keshan, Mathura, MD, PhD
1515-1530 Open Discussion Panel

     Thursday, December 12, 2019—1.8 Category 1 CEU

1445-1500 Open
1500-1630 How should a perfusionist deal with a difficult surgeon? A conversation with your colleagues PerfWeb Panel

     Friday, December 13, 2019—1.8 Category 1 CEU

1445-1500 Open
1500-1630 How do I make myself more marketable? What do employers want to see? What do I want to see in an employer? What makes for a good job and location? A conversation with employers and employees PerfWeb Panel